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Mobile Redirect to Full Site and Full Site Link – .htaccess

Redirecting users from your full site to a mobile site by recognizing a device is not something that is just a simple task. It requires understanding some complicated codes and rules. There are so many different ways of attempting a

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Create Custom Wordpress Login Screen

Creating a custom wordpress login screen can seem like a daunting task. You probably imagine spending hours or messing with different code and then hoping it all works well together or even you don’t know how to work with code

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WP Touch Pro Working/Not Working With Theme Shortcodes Fix

WP Touch Pro is an amazing tool for a web designer when they are building a wordpress site. It takes all the hassle out of dealing with mobile incompatibility. However, when you use this program you may find that some

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How To Package An Illustrator File

Packaging a file in Illustrator CS5 and previous is something that is not an option in the menu, like what you have in indesign. So, how is it done and how difficult is it? It is a very simple and

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High Quality Free Icons

Creating an icon that is effective and modern is not an easy task. Sure you can find several tutorials out there about how to create certain icon designs, but these take time and your skill may not be at the

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3 Quick Web Design Tips

Trial and error is a great tool for learning. Unfortunately, it creates error as I have said. So, here are 3 tips that are basic but very important and useful when designing a website. 1. TEST IN ALL BROWSERS One of

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Easily Create Object Shadows In Illustrator

Making an image, icon, logo, etc. standout to someone is not an easy task. If you want an object to really pop out of the page and grab someone’s attention, then adding a shadow can really help. It is an

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