WP Touch Pro Working/Not Working With Theme Shortcodes Fix

WP Touch Pro is an amazing tool for a web designer when they are building a wordpress site. It takes all the hassle out of dealing with mobile incompatibility. However, when you use this program you may find that some things just do not work right and look right. What I have noticed is that shortcodes used throughout do not work on mobile devices but rather the code shows up. Why is this? Well, it does this because WP Touch does not recognize them because these shortcodes are specific to the theme that you are using. The pain would be having to wrap page information in a [non-mobile] shortcode and then take the same information without the shortcodes and wrap that in a [mobile] tag. This creates all sorts of problems where you have to update two sections if you decide to change anything. The solution is very simple. Instead of settling for no theme shortcodes so it work on both computer and mobile, you can simple make your theme’s function.php file apart of the WP Touch program so that when shortcodes are used they are recognized by wp touch and work properly. Below I will take you through the simple steps of doing this.

Step: 1

In your wp touch pro admin panel select the compatibility tab. Once this is selected check the box that says, “Include functions.php from  the active . . .”

Step 2:

In the option bar below what you just checked, select the option that says, “Include file directly”

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 8.35.04 AM

Once you have done this, your theme’s shortcodes should have no problem working on your mobile device. It may not look as pretty on mobile as the desktop with certain items but it will allow you to place all page information and styles without having to wrap any of it in special code for different platforms related to WP Touch.

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