High Quality Free Icons

Creating an icon that is effective and modern is not an easy task. Sure you can find several tutorials out there about how to create certain icon designs, but these take time and your skill may not be at the level needed to create these icons. So, where do you get quality icons for free? The best site I have found so far is called softicons.com. This website has hundreds of thousands of free icons that you can download. The only thing about these free icons is that they are not all approved for commercial use. Some are deemed usable for only personal use. However, this information can be found on each icon or icon sets page.

The site is simple to use and navigate and they have icons of all kinds and sorts. So, whatever project your working on, you should be able to find all the icons you need here. Although this is a great resource, I would encourage you to really look for some good icon tutorials online and work through a few to better your photoshop and illustrator skills. Most of them are not too difficult and are interesting and fun to work on. Plus it is always more enjoyable to use something you created rather than what someone else has done. So, Below are some good tutorials as well as the link to the softicons page.

30+ Fresh Icon Illustrator Tutorials

100 Icon tutorials every designer should have

50 Excellent Icon Design Tutorials

40 Tutorials for Creating Highly Detailed Icon Designs

Free Icons Website

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